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This Darling Adventure- Change of Address

So my blog has made a little move!  It is now going to be  And this will be the last post I do here on WordPress.  You can follow me on Bloglovin here to get the updates! Or click the link to the new site and email subscribe to get future posts.  As of now, I only have 8 posts under my belt, so I thought if I was ever planning to swap providers, the sooner the better.

I am graduating from college in a the next few weeks and will have much more free time.  And with that I want to pour a lot more energy into my blog.  One of my most cherished friends, Pam Bearden, over at Flourishing, is helping me to completely redesign the blog in a way that really fits my personality.  I am so very excited to watch the new blog evolve into a beautiful place that I can express myself! I thank each and every one of you for investing in my story so far and would love for you to keep in touch as I make this move. Wishing you all the best in your very own darling adventures!  –Meg


Our Engagement Photos

I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to post some of our engagement photos.  School has been drawing to a close lately and has been keeping me insanely busy.  But I am so in love with how our engagement session turned out and I wanted to share some of them with y’all!  All of the photos were taken by the lovely and talented Katie Snyder.  Our session took us to a few of our favorite neighborhoods in the city: East Atlanta Village, all around The Stacks, and a few in Virginia Highlands.

engaged, engagement, atlanta, katie snyder      engaged, engagement, atl, atlanta, katie snyder, photography, the stacks, fulton cotton mill lofts

fashion, women, atlanta         men, fashion, atlanta

engaged, engagement, love, atlanta, katie snyder, atl, the stacks, fulton cotton mill lofts                       atlanta, the stacks, fulton cotton mill lofts, engaged, engagement, katie snyder

This was one of my favorite backdrops.  The vines make for such a dreamy setting!

engaged, engagement, love, atlanta, highlands, katie snyder

atlanta, engaged, engagement, katie snyder, city, atl, love     city, atlanta, engaged, engagement, katie snyder, love

The view of the city from the roof is just breathtaking at The Stacks.  But even more than that, this spot is extra special for us because it is the exact spot that we got engaged!! I was standing right in that same corner when Zac proposed!

engaged, engagement, love, atlanta, katie snyder

atlanta, east atlanta, eav, engaged, engagement, katie snyder

atlanta, engaged, engagement, katie snyder, eav, east atlanta

There are so many photos that I love but these were just my very, very favorites!! Hope you enjoyed them!

Our First Place

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About a month ago, Zac asked me “If you could live anywhere in the city, where would be your dream spot?”  Without hesitation my answer was the FULTON COTTON MILL LOFTS.

And with that we have some extremely exciting news. We just found out yesterday that we got approved for an apartment there!! I’ve been bursting at the seams for the past week while I waited to hear back from the leasing office and now that I have confirmation I just can’t contain my excitement!  Yesterday we were able to go over and view the exact apartment layout that ours will be so that I can start formulating plans! We’ve already been talking through so many potential ideas that we have for the space and I just wanted to share with ya’ll a few of the photos as well!


cement pillar entryway lofts     The adorable kitchen!

Another fun fact that my grandmother shared with us earlier this week is that my great-grandparents (her parents) were both employees of the cotton mill back when it was in use and that is where they met!  How sweet is that! We decided it was definitely meant to be after she told us that story!

window wall, loft, natural sunlight

I LOVE natural light so my favorite aspect of the loft is the windows in the living room/kitchen space that stretch the entire length of the wall! (Photo cred to the lovely Shelby)

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse! I am so looking forward to being able to play with this space and transform it into our first home! What kind of things would you do in a space like this?