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A World of White

Today was filled with white dresses!  Me, Mom, and Lyd took off around 10am in search for ‘the perfect dress.’ We didn’t get back home until around 10pm.. With no dress in hand. Not because we didn’t find any that I liked but because my biggest flaw is indecisiveness. I can never decide on ANYTHING. So when faced with hundreds of gorgeous dresses and told that you can only choose one, its’s a nightmare.


I think my problem is (at least when it comes to fashion) that I know exactly, down to the detail, what I want in my head.  I’m super picky but when I can’t find that in reality, I just wind up confused. So to solve my dilemma, I have scoured the internet looking for the perfect gown so I can simply order and get it over with. haha.  I decided to compile my top picks all in one place to compare and make the final judgement. Now some of these gowns are ones I’ve physically tried on but others are ones I’m contemplating ordering straight offline without ever seeing in person..

After weeks of searching I’ve gotten my head stuck in a rut by looking at these same few dresses over and over without making any forward progress toward a decision.. so that leads me to my request from you all.  I would love some outsider perspective on what you think of them!!  Keep in mind it will be on the beach!


JCrew Bridal- Simple & Elegant


Etsy- Dainty & Unique


Vera Wang- Greek Goddess (I could choose any color waist sash)


Sarah Seven- Pretty & Textured

Here’s to hoping one of these lovely gowns falls from the sky in the coming weeks! Let me know which is your favorite!

XO. Meg


Unclaimed Baggage

Yesterday was the perfect family day. Minus the fact Zac and Jesse couldn’t be there. But nonetheless, we took a mini road trip to Scottsboro, AL solely to SHOP! All 5 of us pilled in the car and drove all the way across state lines. After about 3.5 hours, we arrived at a store called Unclaimed Baggage.  We had no idea what to expect when we got there but thankfully we pulled up and the place was giant!

Basically, the concept of the store is that when baggage gets lost at the airport (i.e.. sent to the wrong place or no one claims it after a certain time period) this store buys it based on the weight. Then they sift through and price each individual item and resell it! So its like a thrift store for things that people never intended to give away.

Needless to say it was my kind of place!! They had tons of designer labels for really affordable prices plus tons of neat odds and ends.

Here’s a few of my favorite finds:


Maxi skirt from ZARA: $6

H&M blazer:  $4

Belt, Makeup bag, Sketchbook, Mug & Towel: $8

photo4    photo3

All this jewelry:  $6.. And who can pass up a unicorn ring.

photo2     photo5

Scarf : $4

Navy American Apparel hoodie: $2

Khaki cargo jacket from Urban Outfitters: $5

I came home with so many more lovely things but these were some of my top pick and I couldn’t help myself from sharing!!

I’m glad I was blessed with a spontaneous family who wants to accompany me on little trips like these!  And if you live anywhere in the surrounding Alabama area I definitely suggest you go check this place out!