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‘Official’ Announcement

Big ‘official’ announcement. As few of you may already know, it’s kind of leaked to some that Zac and I are getting married in the US Virgin Islands!!  But for the rest of y’all, now the cats out of the bag.. And, in the spirit of destination weddings, it’s going to be a real intimate affair with mainly just immediate family.  I think we’re totalling 19 guests! And since I won’t be getting to send out any real save the dates, I doodled up one of my own (and because I got this ampersand stamp this week, am obsessed, and needed a reason to use it ;))! So as it shows, we’re getting married on June 9th! Which is exactly 4 months from yesterday!


Only downfall of a far-off location wedding is that so many of our dear friends won’t be able to attend… But, no fear, we’ve thought through this. As a couple, we desperately want everyone to feel like a part of our story so we’ve made some decisions that can hopefully involve everyone.  Some of you may know the lovely Katie Snyder, she will be in attendance taking some beautiful photos of our special day so that everyone can feel like they were on the beach with us! Also, most importantly, the PARTY!! We’re planning to have some sort of reception party once we get back to the States so that we can all CELEBRATE together!


So friends, really just wanted to let out a few details so everyone can know what direction we’re headed in with the BIG DAY! We’re both some of the worst individuals when it comes to decision making. So naturally, after months of lolly-gagging around, once we finally made our minds up, I couldn’t wait to share the secret! That’s the latest update on our DARLING ADVENTURE!

XO.   Meg


A New Venture

Welp.. Here it goes.  MY FIRST BLOG POST.  I’ve been wanting to start my own blog for several months now but couldn’t build up the courage. Or better yet the inspiration.

Now, I have it!  These past few weeks have been filled with an overwhelming sense of freedom and inspiration for me.  So from that I have built up enough bravery to start this new venture!

Seeing that this is my first post.. Wanted to give a little ABOUT ME & BACKGROUND on my blogs name.

I’m Meg Gleason. Soon to be Meg Brooks :) Yep, I’m engaged and getting married in June!! I love to create, hope to inspire, & long to be inspired.

Since I am on the path to being a newly wed, I am facing lots of changes and decisions I’ve never had to deal with before.  This was my main reason for starting the blog now. It will give me a place to share the do’s and dont’s along the way and also share some DIY’s and decor projects that I take on in preparation for moving into our first place!

Leading me to.. the reason I chose the name THIS DARLING ADVENTURE.  I’m a little obsessive when it comes to words sometimes.  I like to look up the true meanings of things in the dictionary. So… that’s what I did. Darling has always been a word I thought was underused.  It seems like such a word of endearment to me.

The dictionary said that darling meant…

dearly loved; favorite; very pleasing; charming.

And adventure means…

an exciting or very unusual experience; participation in exciting undertakings.

And since many of these posts will be geared toward me starting my life with my fiance, Zac, I thought both of these words, DARLING & ADVENTURE, described perfectly the way I anticipate our lives coming together as one!
That about sums it up. Hope you enjoy! Would love to hear any feedback or constructive criticism as to how I can make it better for you readers. Or what you’d like to read about!
XO.   Meg